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    From Brain Cell to Cache

    Anyone switch from a Brain Cell to Cache and care to comment on how it's going? My Brain Cell is great for protection but lately it's bothering me because of how much space it takes up. Part of the problem is I have a larger size than I need (my current laptop from work is smaller than my last) but I think if I got another Brain Cell it would only save me an inch on height and width. My other option is the Cache but I'm not sure I want to give up on the protection (which is ironic because I didn't have a Brain Cell for years).

    Anyway, just wanted to hear comments for either side.

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    What TB bag are you using the Brain Cell with?

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    I have an HDX18t in a Soft Cell that I carry in a Brainbag. So far, no problems, although I pad it a bit with a towel if I take it with me on a picture hike. I like just the Brain Cell if I'm heading for the local coffee shop or meeting, but the Brainbag/Soft Cell combo is my usual rig.
    I've got a 2XXLT H. Brain Cell (fits my H-P HDX18t like a glove), a Sapphire/Black Brain Bag with a matching Snake Charmer, a 2XL Vertical Soft Cell, a Sapphire wallet, a Size 4 H. Brain Cell for my wife's laptop and... a school boy's crush on Darcy

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    The Brain Cell worked well with my Brain Bag because of how huge it is. But in the Smart Alec it's pretty hard to get inside the main compartment. I'm wondering if it's worth the cost to get a different laptop case.

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    What about the Checkpoint Flyer Laptop Case?

    I am having the same problem, I need a netbook case that will be fitting in the Synapse.

    The Cache looks very good and has the protection of the Soft Cell which is wonderful to transport a computer in many kind of Tom Bihn bags.
    It has a sliding closure instead of a velcro like Aplix® hook and loop closure which some member found too noisy.

    However, the Cache like the Soft Cell has no handle, as a result I leave it in the carrying bag and remove the laptop (ibookG4) from it, for example at security.

    I also have a Monolith (ancestor of the Brain Cell) in iBookG4 size also and the difference in bulk is noticeable.

    On a recent trip, I took the Soft Cell in a Large Cafe Bag and was able to fit other things inside the bag.
    I would not have been able to do that with a Brain Cell.

    Which take me to the idea of using the Checkpoint Flyer Laptop Case, it seems to have the slimmer shape of the Soft Cell but the construction of the Brain Cell and it's handle, it also has a zipper closure, the best of both world.

    If there is a Checkpoint Flyer Laptop Case that fit the size of your laptop, check it out.

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