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    Shortening the shoulder strap on a cafe medium

    I am not able to pass the shortening buckle through the (original) padding section to be able to wear my bag strap as short as I like.
    Anyone know what I mean and managed to force theirs through?

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    hi mamphiek,

    if i understand correctly, you want to shorten the shoulder strap on your medium cafe bag, and the shoulder pad is preventing you from moving the slide. is that correct?

    you should be able to slide the shoulder pad along the length of the shoulder strap so that it isn't in the way of the slide, allowing you to shorten the shoulder strap.

    let us know if that doesn't work, or if i'm not understanding this correctly.


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    I believe the issue here is that, because of the construction of the shoulder strap on the Small and Medium Cafe Bags, the molded plastic pad can't be centered once the strap is adjusted to the (quite short) length desired. If that's what we're talking about, it's sadly a limitation of the construction of the strap. You could purchase the new Ultrasuede Strap Wrap, which you can attach anywhere along the strap, or you could have a a local seamstress or shoe repair person cut the strap short and re-stitch it in the original configuration (make sure the webbing gets heat sealed).

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