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    They are EDC, much more streamlined, much lighter than binders for organizing paperwork.

    The Large Organizer Pouches are great thin briefcases/envelopes.

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    My husband and I must bring something to read whenever we go out to eat, and the large OP (mine is in Dyneema-- Iberian!) is great for that. It can hold a few magazines and a 1.5" thick book (and then some) and looks really pretty. I carry it with my usual sling bag (either a Tough Traveler Minmac or a Courierware small walking bag). When we've taken out our reading material, the large OP folds up nicely for stowing away in my bag. I also plan to use mine in school for carrying around my A4 notepad and print-outs. I usually have so much paper that they fall out of normal plastic folders.

    The large OP is perfect! So perfect, in fact, that I left it behind at a Starbucks last night :S

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