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    Legal Size paper

    Hi everyone,

    I'm interested in either the Zephyr or the Empire Builder. My only concern is legal size paper. It's my understanding that the Zephyr doesn't fit legal size, but has anyone tried? Or, found a work-a-round? I don't think I need the extra space of the Empire Builder, but do occasionally carry legal size documents. Anyone have a solution or suggestion?

    Thanks, in advance, for your help.

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    hi 2612,

    welcome to the forum!

    as you can see in the picture below, the empire builder is wide enough to legal size files and has a little wiggle room.

    have legal size papers and files?  the empire builder can hold them!-l1000263-jpg

    the empire builder is 18.25" wide, and the zephyr is 16.7" wide (exterior dimensions). so my hunch is that the zephyr will better accommodate letter or a4 size files, but you might be able to squeeze a legal file in there.

    darcy, can you confirm?
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    Back pockets


    Thanks for the quick reply and all your other posts - they are very helpful.

    What about the back pocket? Would it fit a legal size file folder and papers? I know that they wouldn't be inside, but I think it would still work.

    Anyone out there with a Zephyr able to try?

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