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    Maverick's Aeronaut videos - Q & A

    After reviewing Maverick's excellent video demonstration of the Tom Bihn Aeronaut on the Tom Bihn YouTube Channel (and the additional video demo of packing a suit in an Aeronaut, excellent as well), I have a few questions:

    Is there any update of the garment (suit-packing) sleeve from Tom Bihn? (Maverick indicated it may be available mid-2010) And would this sleeve fit in an Aeronaut?

    Does the mesh pocket inside the opening flap of the Aeronaut's main compartment contain an O-Ring?

    I'm interested in learning how often Aeronaut users prefer to use the Absolute Shoulder Strap as opposed to carrying via the included backpack straps, and how many also employ a waist strap when backpacking the Aeronaut.

    Regarding those Sennheiser headphones:

    Which model are they? Do they offer in-flight noise canceling abilities? Did you buy those direct from Sennheiser or through retail/mail-order?

    Do they ride well inside an Aeronaut?

    In the packing-a-suit-in-an-Aeronaut video, Maverick uses a convertible packing cube to pack shoes and wooden shoe trees. If I understood the video correctly, he said the wooden shoe trees help to dry out shoes after they've been worn. I had never heard of this use before. Where did those shoe trees come from?
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