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    Question Smaller Cork Swift coming soon?

    I follow Tom Bihn on Facebook, and I was delighted to see a hint from Darcy that a smaller Cork Swift is being designed. I love, love, love my Indigo Swift, and now that I've actually taken up knitting (yes, I bought my Swift and I wasn't even a knitter at the time), I have been daydreaming about getting another one. I was going to place an order, but if a smaller Swift will available soon, I would hold off. So any idea how long it might be, Darcy?

    By the way, I use my Indigo Swift as a general tote bag. I can fit my camera, notebooks, all the items from my purse, and my Macbook Unibody in a protective case. I love my Swift for this purpose!

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    I hope it keeps the current shoulder strap length—works better than shorter straps over winter coats.

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