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    Aeronaut: Appropriate For Backpacking Type Travel?

    So, I am planning traveling long term (6 months to a year) backpacker style. I currently have Patagonia MLC, which works pretty well. However, it does have a tendency to sag, and isn't really max carry on size. It looks like the Aeronaut solves these issues, but I'm curious if it is suited for long term travel when compared with the more traditional backpack. Any thoughts or experiences on using the Aeronaut for backpacking, or as compared with the MLC? Thanks.

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    I don't know why it wouldn't be. I keep thinking it's really heavy, but it's on a par with regular hiking backpacks at 2.7 #. (My experience hiking is with ultralight gear, so I'm always a little unnerved when looking at "real" packs. But UL packs would just be shredded by long-term tourist travel.)

    People have noted that you can't really lock the compartments, which could be dangerous if someone plants drugs on you somewhere with draconian drug laws. (It's not a scenario that occurred to me, but it was a no-go for one poster.)

    It doesn't have a lot of attachment points, so you can't hang a sleeping pad, etc., off the end. Everything pretty much has to fit inside.

    The straps are acceptably comfortable for long-term wear, and the waist strap should make it even more so, but it's not as ergonomically designed as a hiking backpack.

    As someone else noted, the blogger at GoSeeEatRunDrink is going around the world with her Aeronaut and seems pretty happy with it.

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    If you're looking for a "Made in USA" alternative to the Aeronaut with a military feel, try this!

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    It depends on how much walking you do with your pack. If you just go from the train to the hostel, you'll be fine but if you plan on hiking all day, get a hiking backpack with a proper waistbelt.

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