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    Padded Organizer Pouches

    I just recently bought a bunch of Bihn accessories, including some Key Straps and Clear Organizer Pouches. One thing I did not buy was a Padded Organizer Pouch. I wanted to asked people who already own one about them first.

    Does anyone here use a Padded Organizer Pouch to carry sunglasses or regular glasses? How well to they protect your eyewear? What size pouch do you employ for this?

    What other uses have you found for padded organizer pouches?

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    I prefer hard cases for my eyeglasses -- and those would probably fit better in unpadded pouches. I use padded pouches strictly for electronic goodies: cell phone, iPod, GPS. They work nicely and, best of all, they hook into the o-rings.

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    I use Clear Small Organizer Pouches for my prescription reading and sunglasses.

    Those are big glasses with plastic frames, think 1980's style.

    I think any pair of glasses with plastic frames, even the thin ones found at drugstores would fit and be fine in a Small Clear Organizer Pouch.

    However, my husband glasses have thin metal frames and for those I would use a Padded Pouch. For no we use a no name lightly padded pouch or a hard case.

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