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    Decision time about EGO

    Hi Everyone.
    I'm close to pulling the trigger on a new messenger bag. I will be purchasing a horizontal brain cell and a freudian slip and have narrowed my search for the bag itself down to:

    1. Tom Bihn Ego
    2. Pac Designs Street
    3. Under the Weather Flyaway

    Both 2 and 3 will sew in customized straps to suspend a brain cell. Advantages of 2&3 are that they are Canadian made (I am Canadian), fully waterproof, more utilitarian than the EGO (ie, better for hauling stuff like groceries, soccer cleats etc etc). The EGO shines b/c of all the built-in pockets and it can function as a casual brief case for work. They both have their pros and cons and all are excellent quality bags.

    My question about the EGO is the degree to which the bag is waterproof. I commute to work by bike in the non-winter months and walk in the winter. I do ride in the rain although if it is pouring I am more likely to walk with an umbrella.

    Thanks in advance for any insight readers can provide.


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    I have the Super Ego. I have been caught in the rain many times with it and everything inside the bag stayed dry. Only things in the back open pocket got wet, so in rain its best not to keep things in there that are unprotected.
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