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    From old Restretto to new Restretto?

    Hi, I have an earlier version of the Restretto that I carry a Macbook Air, a few files, power cable, video cable, and other miscellaneous things. I also usually like to take a water bottle with me. However, I find that if I pack the Restretto too full, I can't put the water bottle in the front pocket. It simply won't fit. With the new design, the front pocket seems to be able to expand a little more to accommodate larger items. I also see that the Restretto for the iPad can hold a water bottle. Would the newly designed Restretto allow me to carry a medium-sized water bottle in the front pocket as well? Thanks.

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    An at-my-desk field test of the Ristretto for iPad/netbooks and a 24-oz bottle of Diet Coke reveals that it's absolutely no problem with a netbook, an adapter, an iPod Touch, a wallet and small Moleskine notebook, as well as a few other small odds and ends. I can even add a hardcover book in the main compartment, though that makes it pretty bulgy.

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