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    What strap best for cycling with ID?

    Hi there,
    I have decided to order the ID bag, also I have to say that with the weak sterling, UPS to UK, and customs charges that was not an easy decision...
    My question is will the absolute shoulder strap perform well for cycling? is it possible to attach the side strap to it in the same way that the Q-AM strap works? I often carry heavy loads to the benefits of the Absolute are obvious, but I realise that it is impossible to swap straps on the ID, so what is the all round best strap?
    Thanks for the help,

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    You can swap straps but you need to ask for the additional hardware to make that possible. You will need the bag side of the clips (the "O"s) and strap side (the hooks) of the clips for the strap you order with the bag. The additional strap will already have clips on it.

    I did this on an Imago and it worked great. I can swap straps with it now, no trouble at all. Good luck!
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