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    Question Recommendations for Personal Item Bag

    Hi All,

    I recently purchased a TB ID messenger bag and have purchased in the past the Western Flyer (my primary carry-on bag), however I need a smaller bag for use as my personal item bag when the ID bag is too big (ie don't need its load carrying capacity, or for shorter trips). This bag will then also become my day bag/travel bag for doing tours and walking around all day.

    The following is what I will be needing to carry (note that the iPhone and earbuds will be in my pocket when on the plane, but will be in the bag when walking around):
    • Canon G9 (with tube adaptor)
    • Raynox 0.33 Wide angle lens
    • Canon 270ex Flash
    • Canon G9 spare batteries
    • Sanyo Mobile Battery Booster
    • iPhone
    • Earbuds

    • Joby Gorillapod SLR Tripod
    • Passport
    • Boarding Pass
    • Various Papers (itinerary, hotel bookings etc)
    • Magazine (sometimes)
    • Notepad + Pen

    I'm looking at the following three TB bags (not in any particular order):
    • Ristretto (iPad/Netbook)
    • Buzz
    • Imago

    I don't want the Cafe bags primarily because I like having different compartments for different things.

    I know that each really is made for a ipad/netbook, but I won't be carrying one for 90% of my trips - this may change to include a tablet/slate if a decent one exists in future.

    It needs to be comfortable enough for walking/touring around all day.

    I want something that is small enough to blend in so that for airlines that only allow one carry-on they may not see this bag or its small enough that they will allow it as a "man-bag" in addition to my main carry-on the Western Flyer.

    So, does anyone have any recommendations as to the bag that would suit?


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    Forgot to add, I'm leaning towards the Ristretto at the moment due to the smaller size (I can stuff into the WF bag pretty easily from the dimensions of it.

    I'd love to see photos of it in real life to get a feel for what I can stuff into one when *not* using a netbook/ipad.

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