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    Smile Looking for Horizontal Brain Cell Size 4X

    Anyone out there have a Size 4X Horizontal Brain Cell that they'd be willing to part with/sell?

    My understanding is that its the only size that will accommodate a 15" Macbook Pro (pre-unibody model) and also fit into the ID Messenger Bag. I want to purchase the ID but evidently Tom Bihn no longer makes the Size 4X Brain Cell.


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    Hi Mark!

    I believe we still have 2 of the Size 4X Horizontal Brain Cells in the factory. If you would like to order for the 4X Brain Cell, you can place an order for a size 4Z and put a note into the comments field during checkout saying: "I would like a 4X instead of a 4Z".

    I hope this helps!
    If you have any further questions please feel free to send me an e-mail directly at:
    1-800-729-9607 (US & Canada) 360-452-0115 (other countries)
    Siquid mantica non capit, domi relinquendum est.

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    ID and MBP 15.4

    I just purchased an ID bag for my MBP and iPad - I didn't think the 4Z brain cell would fit inside so both go into the back pocket in soft sleeves.

    Now for the question - I have Brain Cells (size 6T and 2) which I tried for size inside. The size 2 fits for width 15 inches (a little tight), and the 2 fits for height 12.3 inches. The 4Z spec shows 15 inches wide and 12.1 high - but doesn't show as a fit for the ID.

    Forgive all the figures - but has anyone tried to squeeze a 4Z brain cell into an ID, because it does seem like it would fit based on this test.......

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