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    Side Effect in Small Cafe in Western Flyer

    I'm hoping someone can tell me if a Side Effect will fit (horizontally) in a Small Cafe Bag. Then will a Small Cafe Bag, with the Side Effect in it, fit in one half of the front of a Western Flyer. The side that has the zipper in the middle.

    I've been traveling with my Med.Cafe bag with the Side Effect stashed in it and my Western Flyer. I'd like to see if I can get it down to the Western Flyer only and still have the luxury of having a Small Cafe and Side Effect bags for day trips.

    Any thoughts or words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated.

    Happy travels,

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    Small cafe bag is 7.5" wide and the side effect is 8.7" wide, so it doesn't look good unless you turn it on end.

    I can't help with the western flyer part of the question though.


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