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    Ristretto vs. Ristretto for iPad

    I wonder if anyone has tried using the iPad with the regular Ristretto? The whole point of the bag is to not take everything with you, but I wonder if that bit of extra space in the regular version but be useful every now and again. I have larger bags and my interest in the Ristretto comes form the fact that when I take my iPad and just a few things with me, the bags seem entorely too big. I know the padded compartment on the regular is larger, and thus might lead to undesirable shifting of the ipad inside, but I use an Apple case on my iPad all the time (soon to be replaced by a Dodo I have on order), so that doesn't bother me all that much. I guess the question is, how much difference does that extra 2.5" in width and height make in a bag like this for use with the iPad? Basically, if I'm traveling light with the iPad and a few other things, would I be likely to have that feeling of the bag being too big like I have now? Thanks for any feedback!


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    I know there have been quite a few people who have purchased the larger Ristretto to carry their iPad - hopefully one of them will chime in.

    I think the potential shifting of the iPad in the regular Ristretto isn't much of a concern. It's not something that should hurt the iPad or decrease protection that much.

    One suggestion: you could order both sizes of Ristretto, try them out (as you would a pair of shoes - in the house, not out), and send back whichever one doesn't work for you. In fact, the Ristretto and Ristretto for iPad will likely be shipping around the same time...
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    I have the regular Ristretto (olive/cayenne), which I originally purchased for my MacBook Air. When I got my iPad, I naturally used it with that too.

    I have the Apple iPad case, and leave it on my iPad nearly 100% of the time. It slips right into the Ristretto without any problems (obviously). However, the flap that tucks over the top of the laptop/iPad compartment doesn't reach the top of the iPad, and therefore doesn't provide any additional protection. If the bag were turned upside down, the iPad would slide right out if the main flap wasn't buckled. (I don't consider this to be a likely threat, but there is definitely less protection than if the iPad fit properly.)

    That's certainly not a dealbreaker, but I am planning to buy a Ristretto for iPad soon. I love my regular Ristretto when I am carrying my MacBook Air and related accessories, because it fits all of that stuff nicely. But it's a lot of wasted space for the iPad, which also requires far fewer accessories. (Just the Apple Wireless Keyboard on occasion.)

    I hope this helps.

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    restretto for iPad, restretto, cache

    would an iPad in it's cache fit into either the regular or restretto?

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