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    Absolute Strap or the Q-Am Strap?

    Hi there!

    I'm a bit confused as to which strap to get and need some advice from you guys (and gals). I will be using a Super Ego with a 2XL brain cell (haven't bought it yet, but I know I will) but don't know which strap to use. Since I am a total kit freak I know I will pack it with everything possible. So the absolute strap sounds perfect. But I also like the bag to be tight against the body so the Q-AM sounds right for the job. I primarily commute by car so the bag doesn't actually get used a lot but I will be on holiday in either Canada or New York this year and would like to take the Super Ego with me. (Yup, that's right, I am buying a Super Ego for a holiday ...)

    I was originally going to buy both an Absolute and a Q-AM strap. You can never have too many straps, right? But I'm not sure if you can hot-swap them.

    So, can anyone put this soon-to-be Tom Bihn owner out of his misery?


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    Thumbs up Absolute Strap

    I got my EGO with the QAM strap. With the stuff I had in it, it became uncomfortable. I went with the Absolute Strap. You can adjust the strap to wear cross body and use the waist strap to lay against your back.

    TB provides a kit to convert to snaps to change straps quickly, but I wouldn't go to the trouble. The Absolute strap is what you want.
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    Ah great. I was wondering whether the straps were interchangeable. The pics on their website didn't show how it was done.

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