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    I like to split up my electronics into multiple pouches so I can choose what to take with me or split them between bags (so the things I want to access in-flight are in the bag under my seat and everything else is in a bag in the overhead). I have a medium pouch for iPad stuff (brick, cable, over-ear earphones in case, cleaning cloth -- lots of room left over), a small pouch for iPhone stuff (brick, cable, Apple earphones, car charger, external battery and cable), and another medium pouch for assorted electronics (Shure in-ear earphones in case, bluetooth headset and charger, cellphone charger -- the charger prongs are sideways so they fit nicely in the pouch). A wireless mouse could fit in a small pouch and could fit in with other items in a medium pouch (I could put it in my iPad pouch without any trouble).
    BTW, if you look at my Ristretto packing list photos, you'll see the iPad and Iphone pouches both loaded and unpacked.
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    Hi, 93terp.

    "I guess my only concern at this point is what is the best option for things like iPod/iPad/iPhone charging bricks, laptop (non-Apple) power supplies, and a wireless mouse?" You want a Snake Charmer. It holds everything, and it can squash down when not filled.

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