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    Quote Originally Posted by ratdeau View Post
    My Western Flyer and Aeronaut are Crimson. It's easier to see when you let your bag somewhere. Imagin a thief thinking "I'll take this bag and disappear discretly...", and somebody with a big bag IS a tourist.

    Professionnaly, my Smart Alec is all black and my Synapse is blue, more common colors.
    My Aeronaut is crimson for the same reason. I don't plan to check it but if it were out of sight for a while I thought it would be easy to spot.

    My Synapse is navy because I thought it would stick out without looking stupid in photos.

    The Imago I have is mostly used to carry supplies for the dogs when we take them with us. It's crimson and navy. I sometimes wish it was more neutral because it really clashes with what I wear in a photo. Silly but there it is.

    For travel bags I will probably keep going crimson if possible. I thought black or steel for a Co-Pilot (not ordered yet) but crimson might be nice so I don't accidentally forget it somewhere like under the plane seat or under the table at dinner.
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    I love love love my Hunter Green Aeronaut and my Hunter Green Smart Alec. In my opinion, it's the best color that Tom Bihn has ever offered.

    I had a red-and-black Super Ego a few years ago (since passed on to a friend), and I also have an olive-and-black Brain Bag and an Olive/Cayenne Ristretto. My next bag will probably be a cocoa Ristretto for iPad.

    I got one of the last Aeronauts in Hunter Green, and others have offered to buy it from me, but I don't think I'd part with it for anything less than a ludicrous amount of money ($1,000 or more). Yeah, it's that awesome.

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    As you can see from my list below, I am a fan of things in blue. However, I am also fond of internal items in bright lime green for visibility's sake. I NEVER buy black and I don't like red. Gray... well, let's just say I put off buying an Aeronaut 'cause the gray Steel was a last resort.

    I know all that hoo-hah about black being business like. Well, I'm pushing the half-century mark and nobody's ever said a word about my blue bags. (Yes, even my Red Oxx bags are blue - they call Sapphire Mariner over there). I used to buy green bags when they were available (Eagle Creek always had green in the '80's). On my very first flight (over 40 years ago) I don't remember many black bags, carry-on or cargo. It seems to be a fad since the rollaboards started in the '80's.

    Ask any flight attendant what color 90% of the bags are - you'll get told black with red ribbon/yarn/plastic/whatever around the handle. The absolute LAST thing any frequent traveler should want is a bag like any other. I can tell exactly where my Co-Pilot or Aeronaut or Air Boss is at any given moment, since it's probably the only bright blue bag on board. If it's moving without me I can tell in a flash. At a checkpoint that's priceless.

    Sticking out? Don't worry about it. If you're carrying anything other than a briefcase or small backpack in a city, you will anyway. If anything, all I've ever gotten is a 'where'd you get that cool bag?' as I've schlepped about.

    Black = Bo-ring = Sheeple = Why?
    Indigo Co-Pilot w' Cache, Sapphire/Olive Medium Cafe bag, Sapphire/Black and Indigo Ballistic Swifts, 50+ assorted Stuff Sacks/Pouches/Key Straps, 4 Shop Bags. 2 Absolutes, 2 Strap Wraps, a #5 Brain Cell, 3 Clear Quarter Packing Cubes , 3 Aeronaut cubes, a 3D, a Kit, a Convertible Shoulder Bag and Convertible Backpack for my Indigo/Solar Aeronaut. Last, 3 Lifefactory Bottles and my Plum Field Journal! Plus a blue (natch) FOT. All bags decked out with Tom Bihn luggage tags .

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    I'm kinda bummed to hear that Bihn used to produce a green Aeronaut, but they don't anymore. I wonder if there's ever a chance of seeing green Aeronauts made again...

    If there were, I'd want one!

    Better yet, I wonder if it would be possible to make an Aeronaut out of the camo material TB used in the special-edition Brain Bag.

    I also think it would be neat to see a sand- or khaki-colored Aeronaut.

    One can dream...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinsale View Post
    Next purchase will probably be a cafe bag, just wish they had steel/punch instead of punch/steel. A small touch of girlie would be perfect, just not too much. I would love the plum Side Effect that was mentioned above, too.
    I have to admit, sometimes I turn my punch/steel cafe bag (my +one bag) inside out and contemplate using it that way I never do, because it makes the pockets and closure all wrong. I do think I would carry it more if it were reversed, though. Ok, I would carry it more if it weren't Large. You're right, I should get a small cafe bag, too!

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