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    Western flyer advice

    I am looking into adding a Western flyer. Can't decide between the new rollerboard pass through or the back pack strap model. Any thoughts from folks that have used both or have one vs. the other? I would probably have situations which I would use the backpack straps and ones where I might use the rollerboard....

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    There are various bungee style apparatus that hook into the rolling luggage handle and then the cords hold a briefcase or such against the handle.
    This would give you both useages.
    I used one for my aeronaut when it was too heavy to carry.
    Been there. Done that. Can't remember.

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    Hi: I would go for the backpack straps. They are very comfortable, and in a pinch, they are the most useful way to keep hands free and run with it. As Pritchard says, you can always lash a WF on to rolling luggage!


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    If you think you are likely to use the backpack straps on occasion, it only makes sense to get the bag the the straps. I have found that I rarely use a WF and a rolling bag together. NOTE: I had one of the original WFs that had a cross-the-chest sling strap - no backpack straps and I tend to be partial to shoulder straps and carrying a bag by its handle.

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    hi adealarcon!

    i agree that if you might carry the western flyer as a backpack, then order it with the backpack straps.

    if you want to pull the western flyer with a rolling suitcase, you can attach it with one of those hooks / straps that goes from the handle on top of the rolling suitcase to the poron filled grab handle of the western flyer.

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