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    When did CAFE BAG change from one slide buckle on each side to just one on the strap?

    I'm wondering when this design change occurred on the S and M sizes. Even more specifically, did it change before or after Kelly/Steel was discontinued?

    For more clarification - I'm talking about how the older model (based on pictures - I don't have one in real life) had a slide buckle on each side of the bag. The excess strap length would just hang down on the sides of the bag - like how the current Imago is.

    The current model has it so that no matter how long/short you adjust the strap, no excess strap hangs down on the sides of the bag.

    (And, as a bonus question - is there any way to adapt the old system so that excess strap length doesn't hang down the sides, aside from cutting the strap to *exactly* the length you want [but then you are stuck with that length]?)

    Hope someone has an answer...
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    Hi Dzd!

    I'm not sure of the exact date but I do know that both the Small and Medium Cafe bags have the sewn in strap. The Large Cafe Bag is the only bag of the three that has the toothed slide buckles. I believe it may have changed before Kelly/Steel was entirely discontinued but I'm not sure/I could be wrong.
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    Thanks, Katy.

    Just to further us TB fanatics' knowledge of TB history, can you (or someone else) cite roughly when the buckle change was made (e.g. early 2008, spring 2009, etc.)? I'd be glad to know.

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