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    Synapse and water bottle pocket

    I just read that the Co-Pilot water bottle pocket could hold a vacuum mug, would the one in the Synapse do the same?

    It would be great if I could use one while traveling by plane or train.

    They were invaluable in keeping juice cold in the car, this summer.

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    I regularly carry a 16-oz. insulated cup from Starbucks in mine, every day. It measures 8" tall, 3.2" in diameter. The cup is more or less full diameter from top to bottom, so depending on how full the rest of the bag is it can affect the profile a bit, but not enough to put undue stress on anything.

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    Hi Backpack,
    This morning I measured some of my bottles. All of them fit in the Synapse water bottle pocket. All three have extra space for other goodies, snack bars and the like.

    In addition to the ones listed below I have a Thermos brand bottle that is 11.5X2.5 it fits in the Synapse but its REALLY a tight fit from top to bottom. If the zippers weren't so sturdy it wouldn't be do-able. I wouldn't suggest it except in a pinch, I think it puts unnecesary strain on things.

    All three of these fit the Syanpse very nicely. I tried two Thermos brand containers one is 8.25X2.5 the other is 6.5X3.5. I also tried an 18oz Klean Kanteen (8X2.75). All measurements are in inches. I usually use the 6.5X3.5 container to take soup or something similar to work with me for lunch. Hope this makes sense and answers some of your questions.
    Happy travels,
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    List exceeds allowed characters. So I'll just say I'm plum and kiwi loving FOT!

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