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Thread: A tight fit?

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    A tight fit?


    I've been looking at all the pics that TB bag owners have posted and I was wondering ... does Tom design his bags to be a tight fit? Perhaps I should elaborate ...

    All the organiser pouches are great but they always seem to be jam packed with items. The external pockets on all the bags don't stick out or change the overall shape of the bag. Even when filled to the brim, these pockets are still .. flat. Imagine a big bergen, its got a central compartment with various pouches stuck on to it. And these pouches definately are not flat. Maybe thats the difference, other bag designers use pouches, Tom uses pockets?? Or maybe TB owners are just prone to filling their bags to the max? I know I do!

    Or maybe all my previous bags were badly designed and have flappy bits on there that I didn't really need ......

    Well, no matter how Tom designs his bags ... he does make exceedingly good ones.

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    I can't speak for Tom, but I would go with "previous bags were badly designed." I think it's an aesthetic choice: to go sleek on the outside and have the pocket contents extend inside. It's a cleaner look.

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