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    Synapse as iPad bag?

    Hey everyone, I'd love some advice/feedback:

    I'm considering buying a Synapse as a dedicated iPad + a few other things bag. The bag's size is perfect overall, and I love the design. My one concern is the placement of the interior pouch where the iPad would go. If that pouch was on the opposite side of the compartment, ie. against the wearer's back, I'd buy the pack in a heartbeat. As it is, though, it seems a little insecure, like the iPad would be hanging from a non-rigid part of the bag, and could easily flop around and hit things. Also, I do like to carry a water bottle, and I really like that centrally-placed water bottle pocket. However, it appears that my water bottle would be separated from my iPad by a thin layer of fabric and nothing else. If I inadvertently backed into a wall, that could be problematic, to say the least!

    Anyway, has anyone here actually used a Synapse in this capacity, and if so, are my concerns accurate, or am I getting the wrong idea from the Synapse's product description? Any input would be much appreciated.

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    Hi mplsnst,

    I use my Synapse as an iPad bag all the time (along with lots of other uses -- it's also great with either size of the new MacBook Air), and it works wonderfully. I understand your concern about the placement of the pouch, but I have had no issues with it. However, I do use a sleeve for my iPad that gives it a bit of extra protection, so I would suggest you do that as well. Tom Bihn's iPad Cache would work, but I use a sleeve made by Waterfield Designs because it allows me to slip the iPad (in its case) out of the Synapse really quickly and easily.

    My wife also has a Synapse, which she often uses to carry a netbook, and it works well in that capacity, too. It's a great bag -- perfect for the iPad or any 10"-13" laptop.

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