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    Swift - new black bottom on all styles?

    I've seen some pictures and mentions of the Swift with its updated black bottom. I only saw pictures of ballistic ones.

    Does anyone know if the Cordura ones also now have black bottoms? (And bonus - When when were the black bottom ones first available online?)

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    The Cordura Plum/Black Swift I ordered a little more than a year ago came with the black bottom.

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    Apr 2010
    Thanks. I wish they'd update the pictures.

    I have a feeling I'd like the black-bottom ones more than the original style.

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    As the owner of 4 Cordura Swifts and one Lux (the ancestor of the Swift), I can testify that they are great.

    I have the older versions.

    I just saw the Indigo/Black in Ballistic with the black bottom and it has been added to my Tom Bihn wish list.

    As a needlework enthusiast, the Swift is really the best bag to organize all the supplies needed: needles, books, canvas,

    The winning combo Yarn Stuff Sack and Swift cannot be beaten.
    Yarn can be organized by project, color, weight, texture, even cones have a secure home in the Tall Yarn Stuff Sack.

    The Swift is also a terrific and very roomy purse.

    When going on car travel, I place the Shoulder Bag Packing Cube inside the main compartment, so I have an instant extra pocket.
    This is not necessary but when I found out the two were a perfect fit, I took advantage of that fact to store big items out of sight.

    And there is still room for a Yarn Stuff Sack holding a small project.

    During those times, the Swift is full to the brim and the Poron handles are truly appreciated.

    Feel free to ask more questions about the Swift.
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