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    tri star/western flyer/aeronaut.

    who on this forum possess all 3 bags? is it maybe a bit too much having all three bags at home? i am seriously thinking about getting the western flyer for the shorter trips but i could in fact use the tri star but it would not get filled up completely for a short trip and the aeronaut would be totally out of the question unless you use the tri star and the aeronaut to pack clothes for both your wife and yourself. shall i take the plunge and just get the western flyer? i just love tom binh travel bags and i know that the cost of material is only going up, take a look at the aeronaut and the tri star, they used to cost less than what they are now.

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    I do, and I use all three. The Western Flyer and the Tristar share the same bag-DNA, but the Western Flyer is appreciably lighter. I've traveled for a week with it in the days before the Tristar, but it's sweet spot for me is the 3 or 4 day trip. (And it also works as an overnighter, needless to say.)

    So, other than weight, another reason to use the Western Flyer rather than use the Tristar underpacked is that the Western Flyer fits better under the seat in front of you if you need or want to do that. Likewise in the mini-overheads on regional jets. I know that some folks ahve said that the Tristar works in those applications, too, but I think the Western Flyer is an easier fit.

    Oh, and the other reason is to have three different rocking colors for your bags--I've got the Aeronaut in steel, the Tristar in indigo (and an extra one in steel!) and the Western Flyer in Crimson (actually red.) Wouldn't part with any of them.
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