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    Colour of accessories

    Here I am planning my first bag and Ive thought of another puzzle, should the
    colour of my main bag be dependent on the colour of any accessory bags?
    Or vice versa, ie any smaller bag, poss a small cafe would be PLUM/PURPLE
    so would that complement or clash with steel or indigo?.
    Am I the only person with this dilemma?
    Decisons, decisions

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    I'm a bit boring when it comes to external bag colours. I can't see myself having much outside of black, steel, navy or maybe olive on the outside of a bag so I have enjoyed having some more colourful pouches. Of course I didn't get to choose these colours but got what I was given.

    I'm not sure about the clashing. My Synapse in Navy and Medium cafe is black so most things go just fine although since they're inside.


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    Plum and steel would definitely go together (purple and gray is often a lovely combination). For purple and indigo, I'd have to see them together to be sure. But mostly I'm with gonty; my bags are black and/or steel and my pouches and such are in a rainbow of colors to make them easy to tell apart (plum=knitting kit, wasabi=toiletries, iberian=wallet, etc.).

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    First, you are going to love the Small Cafe if that is what you end up with. It is a perfect bag. As a dad, the purple would not work, so I use black. Black, steel, solar or the new iberian would look great in the inside for your pouches.
    Just my two cents.

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    I've given careful thought to the external colors when getting new bags. The bags that I use together are plum, olive, and steel. I find all of these go together well (I have a crimson Western Flyer, which also works well). So, I can't speak to Indigo, but plum and steel would work together nicely, as wyldrose said.

    For organizer pouches, I usually let Tom Bihn surprise me, so I've gotten the chance to see a bunch of colors. I then have managed to color code a few things: electronics in purple (because I had a few purple pouches), important things that often get moved between bags (e.g., IDs) in wasabi or sapphire because they're pretty bright and noticeable. I don't really worry much about how the pouches go with the colors.
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