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    Will all my gear fit in the Synapse?

    I love love love Ultraviolet and Conifer (Darcy's picture of the Large Cafe
    Bag sold me on it), I want the FJN in multiple colors and I also need a Synapse (or 2) as well as Clear Pouches.

    I found out last summer that I am much more comfortable with a Small Cafe Bag or a Large one lightly packed paired with a backpack.

    I used the Packing Cube Backpack for the Aeronaut) which is perfect in very hot weather to hold a sweater, a windbreaker, a Clear Quarter Packing Cube, insulated mugs for beverage and a small lunch. is too small when I need colder weather gear or electronic or a FJN/photo/video trio or all 3 in addition to what I pack in the Packing Cube Backpack.

    Do you, fellow forum members, think that all this is going to fit in the Synapse?
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    I have been using my synapse everyday for 2 and a half months now. I mainly use it to carry electronic gear.

    In regard to your question, I bet you could fit all of your stuff in the synapse (although I'm not exactly sure what FJN is - I assume some kind of camera gear).

    In the main pocket I put my laptop (13 inch asus inside of a neoprene sleeve by incase), and a jacket. I alternate between my Marmot ROM (3 season or rain) and my Patagonia Better Sweater (very warm fleece jacket). When I pack the laptop and ROM jacket, there is still room to stuff some smaller items in the main compartment but The better sweater pretty much fills it up (not very compressible). If you had a down jacket I'm sure you could squish it in with plenty of room to spare but any serious soft shell that is lined for warmth is going to have a tough time fitting in the bag period. Sounds like your sweater and windbreaker might fill up 2/3 of the main compartment. Check out the video of the synapse fully packed. Really helped me get an idea of what you can fit in it.

    Other than that, I use a 27oz Kean Kanteen in the water bottle pocket (fits like it was made just for this pocket!), phone charger adapter accessories and cable, pen, multi-tool, headphones, few other computer accessories and a GPS unit w/charger and Laptop power cable in the bottom pocket.

    Mugs and lunch shouldn't be a problem though you may have to separate items out in different pockets.

    This is the best bag I've ever had and can't recommend it enough. If you're like me you will pare down your inventory (which has actually been a great thing) just so you can use the synapse all the time haha

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    FJN = Field Journal Notebook.

    I've had my Synapse every since it came out and I love it. I also use a (albeit smaller) packing cube in the bottom pocket and second murdock that the water bottle pocket in the middle is great for holding liquids. I also agree that while you could fit a jacket or sweater inside the main compartment with no problems, it'll probably take up most of the space.

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