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    Ipad and 11 Air: Ristretto Air 11 or Copilot or?

    I am looking at bags that would fit both of these in the bag at once. Anyone tried to fit both at once in either of these bags? Especially would like to know if the Ristretto Air 11 could fit the Ipad in its cache along with the Macbook air.

    Things I would need to carry:

    Ipad, Macbook Air 11, various assorted pouches, EPL-1 olympus camera.

    Empire builder (Black,black, steel), Ristretto for Ipad (Steel/Wasabi), Synapse (Indigo/Solar) 2 padded organizer pouches, 3D organizer, ultasuede cloth, cache for ipad, cache for Macbook air 11", clear waller, 2 absolute straps

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    I very successfully carry the MBA 11" (in Cache) and iPad (in Apple rubber case or Saddleback leather sleeve) in the back compartment of the CoPilot. This fit is snug, but everything feels very well-protected. Plenty of room in the front pockets for your camera, power brick, and your pouches, so this might be the perfect solution if you are looking for the minimalist approach. It is for me.

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    I just put my Air 11" in the Ristretto 11" and it also fit my MacBook 13" at the same time (not in the padded section).

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    So long as you have a Ristretto large enough for the largest gadget (MacBook13/Air 13/Air 11/iPad), you will have the same 'restriction'. That is, regardless of size, each Ristretto is the same thickness, 4.75". I can easily put my MacBook Pro 13 plus my iPad in the large ristretto, so, as the Air's are much thinner, they will fit with room to spare. However, I don't use a cache, just my MacAlly iPad cover. I have used a 'padded' cover for my iPad, and that fits too.

    You'd still have room for a few pouches, but I'd try to stick to the thinner fabric or clear pouches than the thicker padded ones. Obviously a padded one for the camera might be a good idea, but otherwise the Dyneema pouches both fit and are easy to slide in and out as the cloth has very little friction with the bag and other pouches.

    Finally, when packing, remember to use the hight of the bag. I.e. your camera could go to the bottom of the bag (in a padded pouch), and one or two, dependent on whats in them, small or medium pouches above. You'd still have room for your wallet, phone, pens, change purse etc in the front.

    I'm sure the Co-Pilot would work too, but I chose the Ristretto because I liked the look. But, having owned one (13" in Cocoa/Cayenne) I liked it so much I bought the iPad version (in Steel/Wasabi) too. I love them both!


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