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    Synapse in ultraviolet dyneema for man?

    Hello, I need some gift ideas. Do you guys think the Synapse in ultraviolet dyneema will be a good color for a 5'11 guy to wear? Thanks

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    Depends on the recipient

    I think it depends on the guy. Some guys could totally rawk this backpack, I think it wouldn't be the taste of others. If the color wasn't something that they liked or felt good about carrying they wouldn't use it.
    Is purple a favorite color of his? Does he wear edgy things? Has he been coveting an Ultraviolet accessory? Then I would say go for it.
    If black/steel/cocoa, and other neutrals are his baseline and or preference for bag exteriors I would maybe 2nd guess this as the perfect gift.
    I wouldn't rule out a bag with Ultraviolet lining and a more conservative outer would be a better fit for this gentleman.
    Happy Bag Hunting. I'm sure no matter the color preference the TB bag will be greatly appreciated. And if this is your SO or spouse if he doesn't like the Ultraviolet, you know the rules, and your "gift" will just become your new bag!
    I really, really like TB Bags!

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