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    Empire Builder and Zephyr Colors

    Hi Tom, Darcy, and Crew,

    I was wondering if the Empire Builder is being considered for new color combos? I am looking to replace an Imago I sadly lost to a mercury hazmat and am leaning toward upgrading to an Empire Builder or Zephyr.

    I am interested in the Steel version of the EB (outside and in) but would be more interested in a Crimson outside version (which would match my Aeronaut.) Any developments on expanding the Empire's colors?

    I read that Crimson at TB may be discontinued (say it ain't so!) but I can only guess that a very cool color is slated to replace it if that is the case. Might that color be introduced to the Empire Builder line?

    I'm holding off on ordering my EB/Z till I get a better idea of the color scheme options or even simply if there will be a change in schemes offered in the next few months. I am moving toward lighter loads in my carry. So the Zephyr may fit the bill. Decisions, decisions. :P
    Bags: Super Ego (Black/indigo w/cork seatbelt); Aeronaut (Crimson/Steel); 2 Medium Cafe Bags (Navy/Cayenne, Linen/Olive), w/an Ultrasuede Shoulder Strap Wrap; Large Cafe Bag (Cocoa/Wasabi) w/Absolute Strap; Imago (sadly lost to hazmat); a Brain Cell w/ another Strap Wrap; and a Shop Bag (Steel). Accessories: Bunches and bunches.
    Wanted: Zephyr or Empire Builder.
    " ...all [that] you have to depend on is yourself and your luggage." - The Luggage Salesman (Joe Versus the Volcano)

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    Yes! When we get our new 1050d ballistic nylon colors in, we will offer the Empire Builder in a color combination that uses at least one of the new colors. Crimson 1050d has been retired.
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