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Thread: Will it fit??

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    Will it fit??

    Right now I'm trying to decide between a Large Cafe Bag or an Ego, which I know is a huge difference. I want the smallest bag that will carry everything I need to carry.

    So here's what I'm hoping to carry everyday:
    2 or 3 tom bin organizers to hold little stuff:
    a bluetooth keyboard (folding)
    a notepad
    a 1 liter water bottle
    ipod touch
    Here's what I'd like to add some days:
    shoes (I wear tennis shoes on the bus and change shoes when I get to work)
    a netbook
    a novel

    Is this unreasonable or will the Large Cafe Bag suit my needs?

    Thanks in advance!

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    you should get the synapse backpack for all that gear.
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    Remove the shoes, and restrict the novel to a paperback, and the Large Cafe Bag will work fine. Otherwise, I'd say you'll need something larger.

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    No way are you getting shoes into a large cafe bag unless that's the only thing you're packing, imo. What about the Imago? I have one pre-ordered and it sounds like it would meet your needs also.

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    I agree with ellismc, it's the shoes that will cause trouble.
    All the other gear would fit in either the large cafe bag or the Imago, they both hold roughly the same volume. The ego would be twice the volume of the LCB so likely bigger than your everyday gear requires.
    Your best bet would likely be the Synapse if you carry shoes often. I have an Imago and I would be pressed to get just my shoes in there... yours may be smaller than mine hehe.

    Just my opinion, about the bag that is...

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    Well.. It depends on the shoes but the ID sounds like it would work for you .
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    I have both the large Cafe bag and the Ego. I would suggest that the Ego is your best bet for carrying the stuff in your list. I also think that the Ego is better suited than the Synapse, unless you want a backpack style bag.

    I love my Ego and find it very handy for a wide variety of stuff from books, computers to clothing.

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