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    The joys of living only 3 hours from Seattle:

    Immediate impressions are (understandably) fueled by bag lust. Compared to my Smart Alec the Brain Bag doesnt LOOK much different - as far as dimensions go. It fits me about the same (5'10", 165 lbs) and there's only a few inches separating their outer dimensions. But the weight difference is an immediate factor. I'm also very excited about the mesh back on the Brain Bag. I spend a lot of time hustling through airports to catch impossible connections, it will surely come in handy. The cache is much roomier than I imagined. I think I had hoped for a more snug fit than loose. I'll warm up to better as I use it.

    I've already moved my Brain Cell out of my Smart Alec and into the Brain Bag. I'll take her on her maiden voyage on Thursday for a 5-day trip to the east coast for a quick run of shows. The catch is I'll be working AND living out of just the Brain Bag. I'll post a packing list in a couple of days.

    My Tom Bihn arsenal
    Bags: Steel/Solar Aeronaut w/ Absolute Strap | Black/Steel Brain Bag | Black/Cardinal Tri-Star | Black/Steel/Solar Smart Alec
    Accessories: Camera I-O, Tripod Quiver, Brain Cell, Snake Charmer, Vertical Freudian Slip, Vertical iPad Cache, RFID Blocking Passport Pouch, Kit, Travel Tray, various Organizer Cubes & Pouches

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    Quote Originally Posted by RonaldP View Post
    I find a fully stuffed Brain Bag is too think to fit in the luggage sizer when flying. I take out the Brain Cell, and use that as my second carry on, and fly with the laptop part empty and compressed.
    The Brain Bag 18" x 14" x 9" / 450 x 350 x 230mm is smaller than the Aeronaut 22" x 14" x 9" / 555 x 355 x 230mm.

    The Aeronaut has been photographed countless time by customers in various airlines luggage sizers, both in the U.S and abroad. One airline uses the Aeronaut to picture its ideal carry on.

    Maybe if an heavy puffy winter/ski jacket is strapped in front of the Brain Bag it would widen the whole thing to more than 9" or 230 mm width.

    But as such, the Brain Bag is not the culprit for not fitting in the airlines luggage sizers, it is the winter/ ski jacket add on or whatever bulky stuff you choose to add on there.

    By the way, in 06, I travelled with two computers one in the ancestor of the Cache and one in the ancestor of the Vertical Brain Cell, I had no problem fitting all the accessories and documentation associated with each computer as well as a couple of full size external hard drives with associated cables and documentation.

    Using the ancestor of the Brain Cell as an outside carry-on was not an option because we were flying with our beloved cat in her carrier, in the cabin.

    The Brain Bag being a first class computer bag and the airline brand cat carrier being the worse thing I ever bought is really all I can remember from that trip.

    It was a move and this first and a second Brain Bag have been lifesavers during the 2 other moves and countless trips they have been taken on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by backpack View Post
    I don't have a Smart Alec but I have 3 Brain Bags.

    The best backpack I've ever owned, hands down.

    I have been using urban backpacks (as in non camping) ever since they were first put in the market. I have used many brands and many size of backpacks hence my screen name.

    Like others, I strongly suggest that you order a Freudian Slip (or two).

    The Brain Bag has two main compartments, it should be ideal for the items you plan to transport.

    Do measure your widest item to make sure it fits in the width of the compartments, there is no need to worry about a quarter, half or inch because the divider is flexible.

    I am sure owners of both the Smart Alex and the Brain Bag will chime in.

    In the meantime, check the picture thread on this forum and on Tom Bihn Flicker page Flickr: tom bihn bags

    My post made the Blog! Thank You, Darcy!

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