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Thread: Breve Questions

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    Breve Questions

    Hi Everyone, I have a few questions about the Breve I am hoping you can help answer.

    1. Are there any O-rings in the Breve?
    2. What size organizer pouches can fit in the front two pockets of the Breve?
    3. Will the Breve fit inside of the Synapse?
    4. Not really a question, but more a comment - I am a little suprised there is not grab handle on the top of the Breve. Any specific reason why not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joe99 View Post
    Hi Everyone, I have a few questions about the Breve I am hoping you can help answer.
    1. There are no O-rings (at least not in mine).
    2. A mini-sized pouch will fit the larger of the two front pockets. You might be able to work in a small, but I don't bother with pouches at all in the Breve since the pockets are padded and have an ultrasuede facing. To me they are padded organizer pouches that are built-in.
    3. I don't have a Synapse, but going strictly by dimensions, it should fit fine (the Breve is 13x10" while the main compartment of the Synapse measure 16x11").
    4. Can't say I've missed having one.

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