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    Shorter straps on Side Effect

    Please note that I know how to shorten the straps to make the Side Effect wearable around my waist. The thing is... I'm a fairly small person. Once I have the strap wearable at the waist, I have extra length of strap dangling down to a couple inches above my knees. It's silly looking, long enough to get caught in doors, and, in the wearing position, the straps don't tuck neatly into the back of the bag.

    Is there a good way to cut off the extra length and restitch or glue or melt or something the cut ends? I don't want to mangle my new bag, but as it is I'm just not thrilled to wear it. I could wear it as a shoulder bag, but the whole point was to get the strap of a purse off my shoulder.

    Thanks for the help, all!
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    Hi Sera,
    You could try just wrapping it up in a rubber band and tucking it up behind strap. You could also try a strapezze. I don't have any so maybe someone that has one could tell you if that would work, it just looks to me like it should. There are also little gizmos called Web Dominators, I use them on my loose floppy straps. Please let us know what you decide for a fix.
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