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Thread: Gym Bag

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    Gym Bag

    So, I might be in the market for a gym bag. Seeing as I'm a TB junkie, I figured I'd ask here. Has anyone used a Tom Bihn bag as a gym bag? I'm thinking of using my Smart Alec, as it's not gotten much use since I got my smaller laptop and my Buzz, but I surely wouldn't be torn up if I had an excuse to get a new fix--er, I mean a new bag.

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    I use an Aeronaut as a gym bag all the time when I play basketball. Works pretty well. Room for shoes and a ball in the main compartment, and food, water, keys, phone and other small stuff in the side pockets and compartments. Since I don't travel that much, this is the only way I actually get to use my Aeronaut, haha.

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    I use one from another manufacturer, but would LOVE a Bihn gym bag, one with a separate compartment for damp clothes post workout.

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    My gym bag is a Packing Cube Backpack.
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