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    When did the straps change on the Cafe Bags?

    OK so I was looking at KnK's wonderful little photo post of her purple Medium Cafe Bag when I noticed that her strap seemed to be adjustable.

    I've got both a large and medium of the Cafe Bags, and neither of them have D rings on the bags; you cinch the plain straps down along the side body of the bags to cinch up the strap. It's always been one of my druthers because it's a pain to adjust the strap length easily.

    So I went to look at the photos of the catalog page here, and lo and behold, the straps are now adjustable! One side of the strap is literally sewn into the bag's body!

    When did this happen? While I wouldn't mind seeing a version with actual clip-off straps (and just having it come with the simple strap like the kind you can get the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag) but still, this is a huge improvement!
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    Dear Lani,

    I realize this is a late in the game add-on to your post of over a month ago-- BUT, the timing! I just back ordered a LCB in turquoise and looked into the ultrasuede wrap...which does not work.... I emailed and asked why, because the write-up on the straps is the same for all three sizes. Found out the strap on the large only is different-- the Standard strap rather than the simple strap. Yes, the simple strap on the MCB is slide buckle adjustable. One end stitched in and the other looped around a fixed D ring on the other end. Couldn't be easier. I love this...and am feeling a little Hmmmm about the strap on the large. What I love most about the strap on the MCB is its...well, flop. It is soft, strong, and completely smooths to me. Is the Standard strap of that same soft material but bulked up a bit? And I know now that there is a different shoulder pad, too. KmK

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