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    Any chance for a skinnier strap?

    A poster on the forums (I'm sorry, I couldn't find the post) mentioned that they use the shoulder strap from the Side Effect on their Packing Cube Shoulder Bag, and I mentioned in the thread that I thought that that strap was a bit too narrow. I *did* try that out, and sure enough, the Side Effect strap is way too narrow for the heft/size of the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag -- enough so that it kind of looks like I've threaded dental floss! lol.

    So I got to measuring things... the Simple Strap you can get with the PCSB is pretty wide; actually 1.5" wide, while the Side Effect strap is only 5/8" wide (a little more than half an inch wide), which for the PCSB is very narrow.

    My solution? I scrounged around and found a shoulder strap that is 1" wide, and it "feels" perfect. I still like the regular simple strap, but I've discovered that the 1" wide strap makes the PCSB feel much more like a purse rather than a big bulky bag.

    So... any chance we might see a 1-inch-wide shoulder strap at any time?
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    I wonder ... the "Standard Shoulder Strap" is different than the "Simple Shoulder Strap," right? The strap that comes standard with the Co-Pilot looked like it might be what you're asking for, but since I shipped it off today I can't go measure.

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