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    Brain Bag question

    I'm considering a Brain Bag with a Vertical Brain Cell in the main compartment and a Cache with another laptop in the other compartment. My question is where would I put a Freudian Slip in this? How much room is going to be left in the main compartment with the Brain Cell (probably a 2S size)?

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    Between the Brain Cell and the rest of your stuff.

    Well, that's where I put my Freudian Slip.

    It allows the backpack to have a hard, smooth back (for a comfy carry) and then I can stuff the rest of my junk in front of it.

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    I use a 4Z vertical Brain Cell in my Brain Bag. I clip the Brain Cell in the compartment that goes right against my back (as pw1224 said, this gives the backpack a hard, smooth back). I have used the Freudian Slip in either compartment, with or without the Brain Cell. If the Freudian Slip is not stuffed too full with papers, then I can fit it in the compartment with the Brain Cell. I would think that you would be able to fit it in either compartment with your laptops.

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    I used that configuration on numerous moving trips and my answer is, it depends on the weight of each computers.

    I agree that the Brain Cell, usually holding the heavier laptop is better, in the back compartment secured with the clips, the Cache is perfect placed in the front compartment.
    The Freudian Slip will fit well in front on the Brain Cell on the back compartment, this way you can use the front compartment left over space for a Snake Charmer or a Kit for those pesky wires and Padded Pouches for external hard drives or memory card and your current or future Field Journal Notebook.

    Writing instruments and other miscellaneous office tools fit perfectly in both the side and top front pockets.

    Looove my Brain Bags!

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