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Thread: Medium Cafe Bag

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    (From dwright17: SusanM, now I want navy!) Hi dwright, if you need more pictures, I'd be happy to take more. I obviously love the navy, too.

    I hope to hear that you recover all of your files.


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    Thanks for all the wish wishes. I thought I'd tie up the story. Sadly, Data Doctors was not able to recover the files. The good news, though, is that I still had pictures on my camera from August forward, and I had posted many pictures to Facebook as late as April, so the loss of pictures is somewhat minimal for recent ones, PLUS Data Doctors offered to burn a DVD from an old hard drive I still had to get the older pics. Fabulous customer service there, by the way.

    Down to navy or conifer for the MCB. I'm so lucky to live halfway close to the store (I'm 2 hours away and get down there for meetings sometimes), so I'll head down there in the next couple of weeks and pick mine out personally. FUN!

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    Sorry to hear that they couldn't salvage your data, but at least you didn't lose too many photos. Thank goodness for small mercies. And post photos of your new MCB, when you make it down to the Mother Ship and can finally decide between Navy and Conifer. (They are both handsome colors.)

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