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    Quote Originally Posted by dougmon View Post
    I like it quite a bit. It's got four small interior pockets to hold various stuff; I only use them for the power brick/cord. It also holds an Apple wireless keyboard, which is nice, and the iPad is held between two panels of some stiff material. Be aware though, that it takes up a bit of room. If I carry it in my LCB, it takes up just a bit less than three-quarters of the space in the main compartment.

    The con: I don't think it's totally waterproof, but I haven't put it to the test. I'd like if it had a pocket (or something like an organizer pouch) to hold the keyboard. But as a carry-all for the iPad and accessories, it's a winner.

    Note: I have thought of replacing it, but every time I use it, I think "Why replace it? Works fine."
    Thanks...I went ahead and ordered one. I want something to carry my iPad, accessories and maybe phone/wallet, to carry short term when I don't want to lug a full bag. I have a few other Waterfield pieces (Kindle cover, and laptop case) and love their quality and use of ballistic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rabergnc View Post
    The Waterfield iPad wallet does have a separate spot for the wireless keyboard in addition to the spot for the iPad. It's a bit smaller than the other case but still will take up a good chunk of space in your LCB. It also will hold the charger and cord and a few other odds and ends. Neither case is waterproof but they are water resistant.
    That one does look pretty good.

    Here's a market niche (if that's the correct term) that hasn't been filled; a Brain Cell for the iPad that will hold the Apple wireless keyboard as well. I'd certainly like to see something like that.

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    I've been struggling with this one as well. Has anyone used the brain bag in combination with a packing cube backpack? Don't know if it would be good for work, but for plane- and park- hopping with some water bottles, a jacket, and ipad...?
    Bob P.
    Magic Tiki Studios

    Empire Builder (black/steel), Brain Bag (steel), Small Padded Organizer Pouch, Clear Wallet, Soft Cell, Snake Charmer (cayenne) and assorted trimmings.

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