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    Aeronaut Packing Technique

    I just got an Aeronaut and I'm trying to figure out how to pack this thing.

    My idea was to put my cables, chargers, and small devices in a Quarter Packing Cube in one of an end pockets and use another Quarter Packing Cube as my toiletry kit on the other side of the same end pocket.

    Has anyone done something like this? How was it going through airport security? I try not to pack in such a way that my bags get searched.
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    I've put all sorts of madness in the end pockets. The only time I've gotten my Aeronaut searched was when I had a battery flashlight (just a 9V with a cap) in the top mesh pouch inside the main compartment. I use the keystrap/o-ring method for my 3D organizer packing cube. All domestic flights, a half or dozen or so in the past year, all cross-country.

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    I always use one end pocket to store my 3-1-1 bag (in a 3D Clear Organizer Cube) and my shaving bag (in a Clear Quarter Packing Cube). The load on the opposite side varies a bit. If I'm doing business, I will likely have a pair of dress shoes over there. If I've got the shoes in End Pocket 2, I store all of my electronic adapters etc around the edges of the main compartment. Conveniently, I find that there is almost always some "headspace" under the Aeronaut handle even with a the main compartment stuffed with my usual load of Packing Cube with side-by-side "Small" Packing Cube + Packing Cube Shoulder Bag stacked on top. I can generally fit at least my charger kit in its' Waterfield Medium iPod Travel Case and my SoundMatters FoxL V2 speaker in that space.

    If End Pocket 2 isn't full of shoes, I will stash "stuff" in there, at least including the charger kit, and possibly a full pair of headphones instead of my earbuds, etc.
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