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    What can fit into a Breve

    Can an original iPad In an Apple case and a Kinfle Keyboard fit along with chargers and an iPhone or organizer wallet?
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    I really, really like TB Bags!

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    My Breve is pretty slim. I have an iPad 2 in it, but the outer pockets are quite tight. I use them for storing cords and chargers, but little else. Wish it had gussets in the front pockets. The large interior pocket? I can fit my Nook Color (no case) with my Ipad 2 (which has a slim back skin case). Your Kindle is probably slimmer than my Nook...but does it play Angry Birds? ;-)

    BTW the kiwi Breve fits into my new Zephyr - can't wait to use it for my classes.

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