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    So I got my Classic Ristretto and then returned it in favor of an Imago. The Ristretto is a nice bag but it is fairly restrictive in what it can hold. If the laptop pad was able to be removed then I believe I would have kept the Ristretto. It seems I should have heeded everyones advice! Thanks for all of the help everyone, and thanks to Tom Bihn for amazing quality, products, and customer service!
    Out of curiosity, which Imago color combination did you get? The Imago holds more, but I think the suggestions were trying to match your preference for a vertically oriented bag. Would love to hear what you like or don't like about your Image, and whether you're using a cache or other sleeve, plus pouches. Did you get one of the models with Hemp or Cork?

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    I went with the Black/Black, would have purchased a Cardinal if it was anything but hemp! Yeah, I a adjusting to not having vertical (which I DO prefer) but the versatility of the bag makes up for it. I am holding my MacBook Air in a BookBook case and my iPad has small sleeve plus the iPad2 smart cover for screen protection. I have a ton of small pouches and I ordered several more (can't get enough of these things, they are awesome!). I would love to see the Cardinal Imago with cork or another color offered.

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