I think the Western Flyer is the best bag ... but then I'm very biased!
I love it because it fits under the window seat in a Virgin Australia 737-800. (Please excuse the almost life size photo of my knees ...)

Back compartment in packing cube:
1 pr trousers
3 merino 3/4 sleeve tops
1 running skirt
2 pr underwear
2 pr socks
1 down vest
Lenovo X200s laptop
Sea to summit A4 document pouch with about 100 pages in it

Front compartment, half size packing cube:
Lot of odds and ends (!)
Small make up pouch
Zip lock back with toilettries (approx 3-1-1 bag size)

Front compartment,small packing cube:
1 pr running shoes

Front compartment, small packing tube:
Laptop charger, other cables, memory stick

I'll have to take a photo of the contents next time!!

Tri-star or Western Flyer-photo0074-jpg