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    Which strap for my new Super Igo???

    I just purchased a Super Ego off of eBay and when it comes it will have the standard strap. I was planning on ordering a Q-AM messenger strap but am wondering if the Absolute Strap would be a better choice. The Super Ego will contain my laptop and its accessories and may also carry clothes and toiletries for short trips. There is a chance I will be carrying my Synapse at the same time and that is why I am wondering which strap would be the best choice.
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    All I can tell you is the Absolute Strap is amazing. I have a Lexie Barnes Superstar bag (bigger than an Ego, slightly smaller than a Super Ego) that when loaded down with the "factory strap" on it was almost unbearable to carry. Bought it an Absolute Strap and the difference was like night and day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kjm3579 View Post
    There is a chance I will be carrying my Synapse at the same time and that is why I am wondering which strap would be the best choice.
    Since this is the case, I'd have to agree with WhiteStar--the Absolute Strap makes a lot of sense in this case. However, if your everyday plan involves wearing the bag cross-body or while biking, the Q-AM is probably the better choice given all the extra stability from the strap. Since the Absolute Strap is so useful on other bags, you could always just buy both.

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    The only thing about the Absolute with the SE is that it has to be installed through the clips and without its snap hook attachments,or at least that is how have done it?

    I had a major issue with the SE when I load it to the Gills with the standard strap turning and slipping all the time,it was really not working for me.

    So I recently put an Absolute on there instead an it is a lot more comfortable WHEN I can make the absolute stay attached??????

    For some reason the strap keeps unhooking from the bag thus testing the Brain Cell inside! Something about the hardware on the bag and the smaller webbing of the absolute than the standard strap is conspiring against me so just beware!

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    I'd have to vote for the Absolute Strap on any large-ish bag. I'm quite sorry for the LCB I ordered without one. Adore the bag, but wish wish wish it had that strap! I've only had bags with the snap connector for the Absolute, so can't comment on the slippage.
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    +1 for absolute strap
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    Absolute for that load!
    I really, really like TB Bags!

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