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    Brain Bag question for Brain Cell/Freudian Slip users

    Which compartments do you put your brain cell and freudian slip into?

    I bought my Brain Bag with a horizontal brain cell, they were out of the vertical. Hated the way it felt in the back compartment, felt it digging into my back. So I moved it to the front compartment and moved the Freudian slip to the back. That worked better.

    Just got a vertical brain cell and tried it in the back, and it's better than the horizontal brain cell, but there's just not enough padding on the back of the bag, so I still feel the brain cell sticking into my back, just lower than the horizontal one.

    So I switched things around again and I think that may work. I'd prefer to have the freudian slip in the front compartment for easier access, but I don't think that's gonna work for me.

    Just wondering where others put these accessories?

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    I do the same as you. I've had a Brain Bag for four years, and originally experimented with various configurations for where to put what. But I found the same thing: the Brain Cell in the rear (closest to your back) compartment isn't really comfortable. So I put it in the front with the Freudian Slip in the rear. Works great for me, and I don't find the Slip any more difficult to access there.

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