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    Aeronaut under the seat?

    Hi everyone,

    I have been poking around the forums today but couldn't find anything specifically on this question. Has anyone put an Aeronaut under the seat when on board, say, an A319/320? Assume there is no AV box or inconveniently located strut for simplicity (since I assume an Aeronaut wouldn't fit if either of those were present).

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    I don't have any direct data; I have only taken the Aeronaut on one flight, on a smaller regional jet. But I feel like it is too large to go under a coach-class seat. MAYBE if the ends are empty, it isn't filled to capacity, and so it can be scrunched a little, lengthwise...

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    As stated, it all depends on how much you pack. Technically, it's too long. However, if not packed too tightly, and you push it under the seat in front of you while the FA's are doing their final checks, you should be okay.

    You make it look like you're stretching your legs as much as possible but in reality you're scrunching the bag under the seat so it passes "nothing blocking the aisle" muster.

    One other tip, don't try this in the emergency row.
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    I had a pretty tightly packed Aeronaut on my recent trip (search for the Three Weeks with an Aeronaut thread for my packing list) and I had to put it under the seat between JFK-FCO. A long, long time. It fit, but my legs were kind of cramped. It was a jumbo jet of some sort, but I was sitting by the window so my under-seat area was about half the size of my seatmates'.

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    @JLE Just to add to the comments by Frank and bchaplin, take a look at the picture SusanM posted of the Tri-Star under a Southwest airlines seat:

    Quote Originally Posted by SusanM View Post
    conejo23: "has anyone flown Southwest with the Tri-Star and been able to fit a reasonably packed one under the seat in front of you?"

    I posted this here last year. The photo was taken on a Southwest 737. It shows my Tri-Star and Co-Pilot.
    Maybe it will help.

    Now, realize that the Aeronaut is 3 inches longer than the Tri-Star. If the end pockets are left mostly empty, you can recover space by scrunching the bag. It's not the width of the bag, but the length. I can fit a not-overpacked Tri-Star under the window row seat of a Boeing 717, such as used by Hawaiian Airlines for inter-island flight, with maybe 60% of the width of the seat shown in Susan's picture. I could do the same with an Aeronaut, but the ends would stick out, unless compressed.


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    Thanks everyone, for these helpful responses!

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