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    Question about Ristretto for 13" MBA

    Hi Guys,
    as i'm planning to buy my second Tom Bihn Bag i have a question that i hope someone here can answer:
    I'm planing on getting the Ristretto for the 13" MacBook Air, what would be important is: Is it big enough to fit in a Sennheiser MM 550 X Bluetooth Headset? A friend measured his and came up with 20cmx15cmx4cm when it's folded, so i think it could bearly fit into the bag...
    What do you think?


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    You should be able to fit the headphones along with the MBA...but maybe not a whole lot more. Since it sounds like you are only concerned with fitting the MBA AND the headphones only (?) you should be OK.

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    Hi Peruvian,
    thanks for the Answer
    Yes, i intend only to take the headphones with me (mostly with my iPad but the option for my MacBook Air is nice) and one or 2 other little things. If i have have to carry more i always have an extra carrying bag with me, so it should work out nice.

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