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    Camera inserts for Imago?

    Dear all,

    I am searching for a camera insert that will fit in the Imago for a Panasonic GF1 with the 7-14mm lens attached and a Fuji x100. I want to also be able to carry my iPad and Bose noise-cancelling headphone in it as well. Does anyone have recommendations for a nice camera insert for the Imago that can accomplish this? The newly released TB camera insert is a bit overkill for these smaller cameras and the Imago. Thank you.

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    Try the camera inserts from VT company Courierware (; another forum member, Walker, and I purchased these to use in our Packing Cube Shoulder Bag and Co-Pilot.I believe Walker posted pictures, so you can search for them. Courierware might have a size that works for you.

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