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    Quote Originally Posted by thisisme View Post
    Look! I've just hijacked my own thread! :-)
    If you can't hijack your own thread, then whose can you? Hijack away.

    The Ristretto is a nice little bag, and I could see the built-in iPad cache being useful for items other than an iPad.

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    Have you considered simply using an organizer pouch with the wrist strap attached? They do come in Ballistic, although not all colors are available.
    WhiteStar in Colorado
    LCB (Azalea/Sapphire, Turq/Wasabi), MCB (Plum/Cayenne), Swift (Cork), Co-Pilot (Iberian), Synapse (UV), Citizen Canine (Kiwi/UV), Shop Bag (UV), key straps and pouches galore!

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    The Small Cafe Bag is smaller than the Ristretto for iPad and a very, very, nice, cute little bundle.

    Ristretto for iPad: Overall measurements: 12 x 9.25 x 4.75" / 305 x 235 x 120mm Weight: 1 lb 2 oz. / 510grams

    Small Cafe Bag: measures 7.5" x 11" x 3". Weight: 11.25 oz.

    I have 2, if there were a Plum/Steel I'll have 3 and if there were a Turquoise/Steel I'll have 4.

    They are perfect for hot weather, when even I, streamline the stuff I carry .

    Here are the dimensions of the Medium Pouch: 10.3" x 7" (260 x 180 mm).

    As you can see, it is just a little bit smaller than the Small Cafe Bag, yet still fit inside. The back pocket of the Small Cafe Bag is roughly the size of a Small Pouch, you can fit 4 Mini Pouches in there.
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    Thanks, backpack.
    I've started obsessing about TB bags again, and have had a very hard at the Ristretto, and I think it's the bag for me.

    I know, I know, not what I said I wanted. But, I'm thinking of the Ristretto in terms of a whole system, the system being that i would carry my shop bag in the main compartment, and wallet and other small items in the zippered area.

    I feel I don't use my shop bag enough. I'm always forgetting it. I think having a bag big enough for it would be good.

    I have two hairy, shedding, pets, and I just don't think the cordura of the SCB would keep as nicely as the ballistic.
    My little set of TB stuff:
    Western Flyer (steel/ultraviolet)
    Small Pouch (cork)
    Large Shop Bag (solar)
    packing cubes

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